How is everyone afer the terrible storms this week? In Kingsbridge Mill Street this week it really has been difficult; with a tidal surge flooding of the street there also came a leaking of sewerage into peoples homes, quite distressing for all those involved. Friday night  coming home from work wasn’t easy either. The river had broken its banks at Bridge End and had flooded the main road to a depth of 4ft. This made the traffic back up all the way back to Churchstow, and also in the other direction the relief road was backed up way past Fir Tree. I had no choice really, I turned the car round and headed towards Malborough and a welcome cup of tea at my brother’s house! There I waited until the tide went back enough to pass. We really do have very extreme weather conditions at the moment, so it pays to take care when out and about. Friday evening was further complicated by Churchstow being closed due to a tree down across the road.

With all this talk of bad weather, it’s really nice to think back on our wonderful warm summer of last year, and our Cricket Club playing weekly for our village and doing a remarkable job. I’m asked to remind all cricketers, and any would be cricketers, that practise nets start on March 2nd, in the sports centre between 10.30am until noon in Kingsbridge. The club celebrated their annual dinner last week and their special guest speaker was David Mosely; Mr Mosely, who is the Chair of the Association of Cricket Umpires is also a very proficiant umpire in the Devon Premier League. There were  a number of changes to the team for this coming season: Mr P. Shepard has stood down as Captain and Mr Richard Cole has been selected as the new captain. The committee has a new look too for this year and this should be an interesting sesaon for our white army! Any new members are always made most welcome.

After a long wait, it’s here!! The Aveton Gifford Panto “Aladdin” gets underway in the village hall this week! Oh yes it does!! Perfomances started yesterday Thurs 20th and will continue through today and tomorrow. The matinee will start at 2.30pm tomorrow with our hard working drama folk performing again in the evening at 7.30pm so come on down, this is a performance not to be missed.

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