Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow – 4th April

In spite of the recent wet weather the school garden is now taking shape, and locals Bob Burr and Ollie Cadle have been labouring in the wet conditions to create it. The garden now contains some apple trees (which the children helped to plant) which are of some traditonal varieties, and were donated to the school by the Woodman Family. The garden will be planned in three sections, vegetables, fruit trees and some scented herbs. Now what do you need after expending all that energy? What about some cake? The school has also held its first monthly cake sale. This was held after the Praise Assembly, and children and adults alike queued to choose from a selection of yummy cakes, mouth watering eclairs, hot cross buns and lemon drizzle – sounds great doesn’t it? The sum of £80.50 was raised for P.T.F.A funds and  definitely some thing to look forward to each month.

During the last week the annual K.A.T.S musical has been taking place in Malbrough Village Hall and three local residents have been taking part. (The idea was to encompass the last 100 years of music and entertainment to commemorate the start of  W.W.1. and the show had a variety of songs and excerpts of popular T.V shows and included a  Music Hall medley of songs.) Local residents Astrid Kemble, Juliette Scott- Foss and myself have been rehearsing over the last six months or so with the rest of the cast to produce this show which had a real feel good factor and had the audience singing along with the cast!! Great to have something cheerful to enjoy during the economic down turn. The first act also included a moving Homage to those who lost their lives during the conflict with the poem “The Fallen”, and poppy petals rained down on stage during the Last  Post, a sober reminder of a conflict that cost the lives of  so many. It was also good to see so many youngsters in the production this year and didn’t they do well?  Well done to all that took part and wrote and produced the show!

The Church is preparing to celebrate Easter and there will be two parades through the village this year as usual. The first will take place on Palm Sunday and will start from the Fisherman’s Rest at 10.30am on Sunday April 13th and will represent our Lord’s entry into Jerusalem. As usual we have been loaned a lovely donkey by John and Maggie Newsham and he will be accompanied through the village by members of St Andrews congregation. Please join us for the walk up to Church – there will be hymns and David playing his mouth organ.  Palm Crosses will also be distributed to anyone lining the route as well as in the Church later. The second parade will be held on Good Friday also starting at the Fisherman’s Rest at 10.30am. The way of the Cross will make its way to through the village to Tree Corner where the Cross will be placed, and there will be readings and hymns on the way. This is always a very moving occasion, representing our Lords passion and crucifixion, so please join members of the Church as they pass through the village, or if you can’t join for the whole procession why not join us at one of the various stops on the way? The Fisherman’s Rest, village noticeboard and village shop are on the route. A very worthwhile journey to take as it brings the Easter story to life.

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