Village Voice with Rosie Warrilow – January 20th

The children at our school have had a very busy time during the first half of term.The year 6 children enjoyed a visit from Mrs Boynton, a science teacher from K.C.C. who guided them through a morning of scientific discovery, and they also took part in a year 6 maths challenge at the college and are now eagerly awaiting the results – please let us know how you get on everyone! The netball team has continued with their winning ways, and the  ‘A’ team have finished a very creditable 4th place (out of 15 teams) in a netball festival organised by K.C.C.  Recently our amazing year 1 students have been to a multi-skills festival, again organized by K.C.C., and apparently they had a great time playing with a parachute! The school has had visits from some talented folk who have come to share their particular skills with the pupils; Mr Barrett has worked with small groups of the children on an African art project, and had them boiling up vegetables to produce natural dyes for tie dying – bet that smelt lovely! Mr Becker has led choral workshops every Wednesday afternoon along-side Mr Massingham’s ukulele lessons; two amazing mums, Mrs Cadle and Mrs Sheard, have been running the  ICT ‘ Scratch’ club and the netball club on Monday afternoons, and amazing mum no 3, Mrs Hutchison has been coming in to school to help with the school garden project planting raspberry canes! Sounds delicious, can’t wait to sample some jam maybe? Well done to all those busy people involved in our school.

School - Gardening7

There will be a meeting in Dartmouth to discuss cuts to the 93 bus service through the village at Townstal Community Hall on March 12th at 6pm. The Parish Council understands that the cuts will mainly apply to Sunday services. I will be going and I can take up to 4 others – if you are interested please contact me.

We do have another missing cat; he is called Fudge, and is white with ginger patches. Please check sheds, garages, outbuildings to see if he has got shut in. He has been missing for a few days now and this is out of character for him. Please contact Astrid at 2 Elm View or phone on 550154. (A photo of him can be seen on a previous post)

The Ronnie Jones Quartet is due to visit Bigbury on March 6th, and an invitation has been extended to all A.G residents who may be interested in coming; please contact Holywell Stores or Sally on 810373 for for ticket information and further details.

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