Village Voice with Rosie Warrilow – January 23rd

Here’s hoping that everyone has survived the big blow during this last week, not to mention the freezing temperatures that followed. I popped into our shop on Sunday to find that the mood was pretty frosty there too. Why? The vital sack truck still has not been returned to our intrepid shop keepers. Has someone taken it for a jolly jape, bit of a giggle? Well to those in the shop it’s not that funny, as the truck does help with heavy deliveries and life is quite difficult without it, so please if you have made it disappear, can you please make it re-appear Thank you. Apart from that incident, our shop continues to provide an excellent and friendly service to us all.

It will soon be time for the Oscars again and in A.G we have our own version thanks to Surf Hams Film Collective, who are re-launching the Village Film Night in the spring. So now would be a good time to get your cameras out and get creative, and make a short film of about ten minutes duration. The subject could be anything you like, maybe a documentary, or comedy or even your family? The films will be shown at a suitably glittering gathering in the village hall a bit later on in the year. There will be a workshop evening for film-makers and editors alike with the help of S.H.F.C members later on this month, more details to follow.

The troublesome tree at the back of Icy Park has now been felled by S.H.D.C. The tree had caused problems with its roots undermining the stone steps and causing them to become uneven and difficult to use. The steps will be repaired as soon as possible.

The Cricket Club Annual Dinner will take place on 7th February. All members have been e-mailed menu’s, and further information can be gained from the Fisherman’s Rest, Richard Bain or Richard Cole.

St Andrew’s has a Family Communion Service this week which will have the Rector Neil Barker officiating. The service starts at 11am.

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