Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow – June 13th

The children from ‘Egrets’ class at the primary school had an outing this week – they travelled to Bigbury in a minibus to enjoy some time at the beach, and once at Bigbury they took part in some surfing lessons. Although some children had been surfing before with family and friends, for a lot of the children it was a ‘first time’ experience. The children were tutored in the art of surfing by the folks at Discovery Surf and took to the task in hand like ducks to water! Everyone had a great time and who knows, maybe we will have a champion amongst our enthusiastic youngsters. The children will return for more lessons soon.

The Memorial Hall held its A.G.M on Monday 9th June, unfortunately not to a packed house, the members of the public were thin on the ground. Nevertheless a full meeting ensued. Chair Meg Brett welcomed the committee, treasurer John and secretary Jan, and reports were heard from the Shop Committee, Flood Resilience group and other Hall users. The past year has been good for the hall, with revenues up and the new patio doors installed. Work on the patio will be progressed during the school holidays.  The school is to use the hall to provide school dinners again, and equipment will be installed to help with this important service. Lots of organisations had used the hall including the Taverner’s Drama Group with their panto Aladdin earlier this year, all of which helps to keep our hall running. The Flood Group now have their store in the hall grounds and this is now equipped to deal with an emergency situation. Efforts to find a suitable memorial for Ron Skeates are still taking place with discussions with Ron’s family; more news soon on that subject. Funds are not available to build a new hall, so the committee is concentrating efforts on the present hall, and to make improvements to it. The main job at the moment is to put new insulation in the roof and to replace the ceiling, and then redecorate and provide heating; not a job for the faint hearted!

Our gallant cricketers were at it again this week with one of their biggest matches of the season taking place at the Shooting Field last Sunday when the village team took on The Presidents XI on a some what stormy day. The visiting Presidents Team got off to a strong start, and by the end of their innings they had scored 184 runs for 7 wickets. This made a run chase for our boys in white hard, as the weather closed in and rain stopped play for over an hour – it was decided to take an early barbecue break, wonderful!  The rain did eventually stop and A.G continued to play. Although trying hard, and in spite of Pete Shepherd’s score of 60, the boys couldn’t match the President’s Men and conceded the match by scoring only 143; basically, they ran out of overs, which was a shame as they did play well. The village supported the game well and lots of spectators came and went during the afternoon’s play.




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