Village Voice with Rosie Warrilow – 6th March

The monthly Parish Council meeting was held on Monday and several reports from the local organisations were received. The Project Group said that David Balkwill’s book had been very popular and that they were now looking for a new subject for a village fund raiser in the near future. During last year’s Fete, they held a wonderful display with exhibits from the old farming community. This year they are looking to feature the Primary School, so if you have any photos or memories of the school in recent or past time, please contact members of the group for more information

The state of the Village Green was discussed with members of the public, i.e that it continues to get very wet at this time of year, and that the surface is very cut up due to wet weather conditions. It was decided to try and aerate the soil to make it easier for excess moisture  to run off, as although the surface is very wet, there is no water passing through into the drainage system. The brook is due to be dredged sometime in the spring and drainage solutions will be looked at more closely after this has happened.

The Flood Group continue to meet and check the system of drains throughout the community. New equipment for them was discussed, as there is still grant money available; more substantial high viz jackets maybe required and smaller useful items such as whistles maybe included in their armoury. If anyone can think of equipment that maybe useful, please contact members of the group.

The Traffic Calming measures including the large tabletop type outside the school will be started during the Easter holiday break. The understanding is that the work will start outside the school and progress  down the main street. I asked about the concerns some people had that the “pillows” that will be put in place may cause a problem with run off water in wet weather, and have been assured that this will not be the case. The village speed watch project has stalled for the time being, councilors are wating for more information and replies to emails etc.

The roundabout has been discussed and routine maintenance will be requested from Flete Gardens, ie pruning the planting to make it tidier.

Dog poo has raised its ugly head again!The field at the top of Rock Hill and adjacent to the allotment field has been badly affected by dog poo. This field is not a pathfield and there is no public acess to it, yet still it is being used to exercise dogs. Chairman John Brooks described the situation as disgusting after visiting it. This field is usually put down to hay; this hay is then fed to farm animals and dog faeces can cause harm to these animals when its ingested by them. The field will now be fenced off due to this problem. Please  get into the habit of picking up after your dog as in this instance nerve damage has occurred locally in the new lambs born.

This month will see the start of Cricket Nets in Kingsbridge. These sessions will take place on Sundays from 11am till 12.30pm on March 22nd and 29th. April 12th,19th and 26th and on May  3rd ; a qualified Devon Seniors coach will be on hand to give advice. New  members are always welcome. Home fixtures will as usual take place at the Shooting Field at the bypass end of the village.

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