Warning to boat owners on the foreshore and the river

For the third time in recent weeks a transit van has been seen in the area by the foreshore moorings and down the tidal road appearing to be looking very carefully at all the boats. The first van was an ex Parcel Force van – still painted red but the logo was still apparent through the paint. Two people were asked then to help to load dinghies into the back from the foreshore moorings by Timbers car park. The other two times, the red transit and then more recently a blue transit were also seen being driven sus[piciously slowly while looking over all the boats on the tidal road (river moorings too), then disappearing at speed up the lane to Waterhead when they saw they were being watched.

This is a warning to all boat owners to make it as difficult as possible to steal anything – please don’t leave anything on your boats which could be taken, and chain or bolt anything as securely as you can. If we can make this area as difficult to take things from as we can, perhaps it won’t be such an attractive target as somewhere not so secure…

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