Water works in the school over the holidays

We have been sent this update from SWW who will be completing the work in the school grounds during the holidays to help towards the flood prevention measures they have undertaken this year;
“School leaders have agreed to the construction of surface water pipes and on-site water attenuation features. The school site represents 54% of the impermeable area to be removed in the village centre.
Work is due to start on 1 August and complete by 2 September. Access to the community swimming pool will be maintained at all times.
Contractors Glanville will install a rain garden, a planter, downpipe cascades and water butts to provide the school with rain water re-use opportunities.
Many of the features build on suggestions made by Year 5/6 pupils in a workshop held in the summer of 2015.
A miniature water wheel on the front wall of the school will provide a fun visual reminder of the value of rainwater reuse. The project will in addition provide educational materials for the school about the water cycle and sustainable ways of managing water.”

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