Willow walk in the children’s play park

You may remember that last summer the willow walk in the play park was a no-go area for several weeks because it was attracting wasps. The pest control officer visited, but there was nothing he could do – there was no wasps nest, but aphids were feeding off the willow leaves, and wasps were coming in to feed off them, so everyone had to wait until they went away naturally. It did mean that people with small children avoided this part of the park for several weeks, and there were lots of complaints about the wasps. This is likely to happen every summer unfortunately, and sprays to control aphids and wasps aren’t a good idea on the children’s play area, so the willows are going to be taken out so that the play area can be used safely in the summer holidays. The rope walk will stay though, so children will still be able to climb along that, and later on in the year there can be a decision about what can be planted to replace the willows – but nothing to encourage more wasps!
This is just to let everybody know the work to take out the willows will be done this Thursday, weather permitting. There will also be work to repair the bank of the stream here, as the edge of it has been crumbling into the water for some time now eating away the path from the gardens there.

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